As a technologically-inclined university, Chapman is a major contributor of education through new technology. One of this year’s TEDxChapmanU themes will focus on online learning and the effect it is having on our world today.

There are hundreds of videos of children as young as 2 years old playing with iPads. In schools, new products are being introduced every year to help teachers interactively engage their students. Technology from an educational standpoint has been growing exponentially for the last few decades, and the increasingly positive results from users in grades K-12 have led to some exciting new developments within the industry.

Digedu, an online platform for technology use, created a study in 2014 to look at how technology was affecting classrooms across the country. The study asked hundred of educators for information on how technology affected their students and the learning environments. Over 80% of teachers reported that technology had positive effects on student participation, student engagement, and overall teaching experience.

Beginning education at an early age can directly affect a child’s learning skills throughout life. Companies like Nabi and LeapFrog are developing devices specifically for children, as a new way of combining playtime with learning time. These devices include apps and programs with interactive games that directly engage children in ways that help develop their cognitive learning skills. Nabi even teamed up with DreamWorks to incorporate some of the best-loved characters into their games, like Shrek and Toothless.

With all the technology available and the data to prove its importance, the online education theme is expected to be a profound part of this year’s TEDxChapmanU Talks.

Image shared by Brad Flickinger on  flickr on January 4, 2012.

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