Leadership Can Make or Break a Business

Businesspeople can be some of the busiest people in the world, but the businessmen speaking at TEDxChapmanU know how to integrate core values with a busy schedule. Take Doug Woo, he has been President of Fuhu’s Smart Display Division since 2013, and his focus on strategic engagement within the company’s core values has continued to bring Fuhu into the future of consumer products. 

Ethical business is an idea streaming through TEDxChapmanU and Phu Hoang is no exception. Hoang is the co-founder and CEO of Virtium Technology, Inc., but his passion focuses on improving the lives of everyone his technology touches. By keeping in mind how technology affects his customers, employees, and families, Hoang continues to improve the world with his philosophical leadership.

Brian Vellmure is another one of our speakers who knows how to take leadership to the next level. He is an expert advisor, specializing in helping technology businesses through the increasingly tech-savvy world of marketing.

Much like how Patrice Thompson described ways to bring employees of different generations together at the TED@StateStreet event in London (video below), this year's TEDxChapmanU speakers will provide us insight on connections.

An important aspect of life is leadership, and intrinsically, leadership can make or break a business. Life and business are connected by leadership, and for our community, TEDxChapmanU speakers will be that connection, too. 

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