“Beam me up, Scotty!” Captain Kirk never actually said that, but the image of him being transported back to the Starship Enterprise has become famous in the world of popular science fiction. But are images like this the only sci-fi available in today’s technology? This year, TEDxChapmanU will explore the ever-expanding frontier of virtual reality, with options for home use coming soon.

Virtual reality is one of those scientific endeavors that looks great on television, but not so much in practice. The failed attempts at completely harnessing the science of virtual reality in the 80’s and 90’s showed the world that some realities are better replicated in video games. Recently, the researchers in Silicon Valley have made headway but progress is progress.

Like any equation, what makes this era different from the past are the numerous diverse variables. Cheaper building materials are more available because of the popularity in similarly built devices like cell phones and computers. There’s also the matter of funding, which is where big companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook come in to play. Their support is a win-win for them and scientists like Dr. Jonathon Waldern, who has been working to make virtual reality his reality for over 30 years

Theories, ideas, and opportunities await those engaged with the future of virtual reality, but only if you have your ticket! There’s still time to make Chapman’s TEDx Talks part of your future reality, get your tickets now

Image originally shared by Nan Palmero on March 15, 2015