If you’re an entrepreneur reading this right now, you know from firsthand experience the challenge and spontaneity of creating your own product, running your own business or trying to sell something to the masses. If one were to ask who stands out as someone with an eye for innovation, good business and branding, undoubtedly Virgin’s Richard Branson would be on many people’s short lists. Branson embodies completely the ideal of an icon: he managed to transform his small record store chain into the thriving, multi-faceted business we all know today, spanning many countries, industries and even transportation methods. This has lead to much humanitarian effort on the behalf of Branson, and he’s now valued as the 4th richest person in the United Kingdom. His newest venture is Virgin Fuels, which aims to tackle the prospect of global warming with providing alternative energies to the masses.

In this TED talk by Branson, he discusses his transportation/web/mobile/music empire, and reveals how he came back from low points in his career. Those of you who own your own business, or aspire to, will find this truly valuable, and it’s truly a reflection of what TEDxChapmanU’s Icons, Geniuses, and Mavericks means.