Mavericks are free thinkers who challenge the status quo -  breaking down the barriers most dare not touch. They’re not afraid to put their spin on conventional ideas and traditions, but what happens when they set their sights on the cherished classics of the past? When we think of works of art by geniuses like Vermeer and Da Vinci the word “masterpiece” comes to mind. Deemed untouchable by history’s standards, it takes a true maverick to put a twist on these iconic artworks. Yet Dorothee Golz and Guy Laramee are two of today’s artist that have done just that – taken iconic pieces of history and transformed them into new, unique artworks with a message and success of their own.

Dorothee Golz: An unconventional artist, Golz has taken the iconic faces of subjects from well-known works of art and transported them into the 21st century, complete with digitally modernized bodies and environments. She’s creating quite a buzz in the art world, as people commend her for taking a chance and daring to be different. Her work, while not just pushing the boundaries of creativity, creates a much needed interest and link to the original masterpieces throughout history.

Guy Laramee: An artist who is rethinking the typical canvas, Laramee’s artwork consist of carving beautiful landscapes into the pages of classic books. While some may say it’s a cardinal sin to take a knife to a book, a true maverick knows that creativity has no boundaries. And when you see the wonderful environments he creates, it’s hard to deny that beauty can be discovered in the most unique and presumed untouchable places. According to Laramee, all of his works are based upon the idea that “ultimate knowledge could very well be an erosion instead of an accumulation.” Spoken like a true maverick, don’t you think?