2013 Talks

Nintendo University: Getting Real World Skills from Playing Video Game

Liz Fiacco

Founder & Game Designer
Fallstreak Studio


Leadership in the Ever-changing World

Reggie Gilyard

The Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University

How to Change Healthcare

Michael Goldsby

Co-founder & CTO
Jointly Health

Mind the Gap

Prince Gomolvilas

World's only Thai-American playwright

Social Media: Sucking Time or Saving Lives

Kristen Howerton

Blog Author
Rage Against the Minivan

Vanguard University

String Cosmology: The Study of the Universe

Ali Nayeri

Assistant Professor and Member
Center for Quantum Studies, Chapman University

The GBF: What’s Wrong with the Commodification of Gay Men

Mark Pampanin

Chapman University

Pi Kappa Delta’s Spring 2013 National Competition Winner

The Power of Redefining Breasts

Allyn Rose

Miss District of Columbia 2012

Engineering America 

Gwynne Shotwell

President & CEO


Smiling Can Save Your Life

Lisa Sparks

Director & Professor 
Master of Science graduate program in Health and Strategic Communication
Chapman University



Jennifer Sullivan



Mainstream vs. Maverick Media

Kathy Thomson

President & COO
Los Angeles Times / Tribune Publishing


Snare Taps

Axel Clarke
& Jacob Vogel

Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra

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